Lately Ive been on a hiatus, no not from my blog considering that I post here about every three months or so, if that. Id like to think of my self as quite an efficient person, never wanting to waste time on trivial things, but this whole month of June has just been a complete […]

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When the end comes, Ill be ready. End of what you may ask? This life I guess, now this Isnt some rant about how Im ready to die and life’s worthless “this & that”, but more of just my thoughts as I get closer and closer to closure. Im nowhere close to “the end” or […]

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Ive been kinda bored when It comes to the recent splurge in terrible/mediocre single player games that have been releasing lately, and by “lately I pretty much mean the past couple years, like honestly the last “great” story driven game Ive played goes by Bioshock Infinite, Im sure you know of It, and that legit […]

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Its all in your head

looking at that sunrise never felt so blissfull before, pretty sure Ive seen the thing about a hundred times in that exact spot, but this one was different. Bundled up in two layers of sweaters, with an ice cold monster by my right side, I was invincible (or so I felt). Nothing can beat this […]

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Save yourself

Save yourself the time of reading this (if you’d like) it’s just another sob story about the reality that life is. These cold nights always remind me of the past, not like an “omg last Christmas was so fun” type of past, but more of a “I’m so glad it’s over” type of thing. I’m […]

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