Power, Time, and Happiness

The three things we’re all unconsciously seeking in order to secure meaning in one’s vitality.

The upcoming of this post came from a cognitive blog post by Natalie Swift. Without spoiling her post (Is it even possible to spoil a blog?) she illustrates our diction for imbalance (power) to a point where it seems as if our thirst for power is as uncontrollable as our need for happiness, which I didn’t realize how much it actually is until finishing the read. A few days late, I come across this admirable work of text by none other than Natalie, I have read the majority of her other pieces, all being well put together and throughout as the next. I’ve never been the poetic-like writer/interpreter, but that’s exactly what she excels at, and Fall To Power exemplifies that well. After reading and coming to an understanding of her post it lead me to do some rational thinking of the other things we unconsciously strive for.

-The photo would be perfect if the shadow would perish, 18-year-old me was a rookie-

Happiness: For sure being the most aware by us of the three, our endeavor for happiness. Now now, I already know what you’re thinking “how are we unconsciously seeking happiness when its the sole thing everyone is living through this harsh life for”, Yes that’s very true, but I can’t be the only one who from time to time gets so tangled up in seeking the holy happiness and ends up fixated on constructing some convoluted method to prolong and stretch the current river of bliss I already have within myself at the time. Constantly changing things, meeting/dropping people from your life, adding to the list of achievements you’ve acquired, all correlate to happiness now, “now” meaning at the moment. You move houses for a change of scenery, or finally learned that new guitar chord you’ve been yearning for so long, in due time it won’t matter, why, because you’ll be on your fifth song having writer’s block on the sixth or saving up for an island lifestyle in another country because you’re tired of the L.A smog, you’ll be well too busy caught up in the actual process of achieving your next goal in order to keep the happy reel rolling, no time to sulk in the newly acquired solace or you just might sulk for too long and lose it all. Nevertheless this happiness only last for a flash, thus we are on an everlasting trail to keep the ember ablaze, if you’ve been constantly envisioning happiness with every single step you take towards your next destination without getting lost in the actual steps at hand, then are you truly happy?

Why are you envisioning something you already have

If ya know the anime, call it.

Time: Took me well over 18 years to realize this one. I don’t know if it was just me, but as a kid, (pretty much from when I gained access to memory and all throughout grade school) it felt like time was infinite, in a sense. Surely because of the minimal amount of duty we had/have as children. Even those who had extra work on top of school work-the source of that “work” coming from parental rules of course-still can’t grasp the important concept of time and use it to it’s finest.

-Transition to a current life incident-

I recently realized how crucial time is. Not having every hour of the day to my self has been a regular in my every day life, with school mostly being the takeaway, although with eight hours being the most time I’ve ever given to an academy in a single day, it daunts me to think that those 16 other hours are no longer all mine, and probably never will be until the distant future. With what time I have left I make it a requirement to enjoy the blush-filled moments with those I love and remember that this is my time of course, so I shall do what I please with it. In the end, I feel if you have all the time in the world to do what you want when you want, then my above paragraph on happiness materializes a solution. Your chasing on the word happiness has come to a halt because you have all the time in the word to do what makes you happy with no limitations. Now, how do we achieve such time is my biggest inquiry at the moment

If time is money then spend it on what makes you happy

Power: I’ll make this one short and sweet, not because of my lack of literary skill, but for reason being the caster of the original post from which I gathered this essay’s idealism from pretty much put it better than I ever will in words. Everything we have done has been for power, bold statement, I know, but it’s an unconscious act just like the above two, whether it’d be growing as a person (mentally) or gaining the audience you lust for on your social media they induce power. An excerpt from Natalie’s Fall To Power executed a perfect example of our obligation for power, going something like so.

Power to control, to seduce, to create, to morph. Science to control our surroundings, psychology to control ourselves. Society to control our world.


Happiness, Power, and Time all correlate with one another, one can’t exist without the presence of one of the other two. To gain power over anything or anyone you need an absurd amount of time, securing happiness takes time and the power to overcome, and using the time you have access to effectively will result in more power and happiness, they’re the building blocks of everything we strive for. These three constantly forgotten tools shape society’s endgame as a whole. Anyone who chooses not to pursue one of the three (I say only one because as stated before, they revolve around each other, acquiring one leads to the other two indefinitely) has either given up on life its self or already accomplished what was needed to achieve the trio.

I’m sure some are wondering why I didn’t add money to the arguable list, I didn’t for the simple fact that currency is a community creation, a group of people determines the amount of value that paper has, soon that paper might be a bottle cap (yea, Fallout reference), or a patch of the rarest animal fur you can find, either way speaking, money (specifically talking about your country’s dollar) can and will change someday. Time is forever.

Be sure to check out Natalie Swift’s page here if ya want a good read or two to keep you occupied during my multitude amount of gaps and pauses throughout the month.

Thank you as always.

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