Topic: Blue

Its times like these where I wished I prepped up a writing topic over the weekend to then quickly establish and put down to paper, (well, the screen I guess) Ya know like a rough draft sorta ordeal, except without the actual “draft” just a good well thought out topic I can release my emotions and notions on.

I assume everyone has their own way of conjuring up their blog post, the ones that actually end up reaching the surface that is, (YA that’s right, I know you have at least five half-baked articles in that draft bin of yours) my “way” is usually me receiving a sudden jolt of enlightenment to write (which doesnt happen often, explaining my uninterrupted intermissions) quickly I drop what I’m doing, slap an extra tab open on the ole windows 10 (chill Mac boys) and within seconds im starring at the infamous blank page everyone seems to write about.

A lot of the time I do what I came to do, write an unethical blog post and publish it, but sometimes the white of the blank page eats away at my very essence, more and more until 20 brisk minutes fly by and I still haven’t painted the page black yet, very unnecessary way of saying sometimes the writing just doesn’t flow, I know, which I’m sure happens to a lot, writers block isn’t rare.

That’s not what I’m getting at though, I’m writing this to remind my self that I can’t just sit down and stew up a Decent topic at hand within seconds everytime, although that is how all my writings up to this point have come across, but I’m in a rush, (five hours till school, so yea the usual) I wanna write, but as I sat down to slap my feelings on an ignored topic down, I came up blank. Let this be a note to self Rushi, constructing at least one blog post idea a week (low standards, yada yada) is better than a random unthought out post every few months or so.

I wanna start writing more, which is weird because more than ever I think about my blog, whilst doing other things that used to make me overlook the fact that I was even In charge of such a page, guess its time to put more effort in, no promises though.

Btw, if it wasn’t obvious (no way it is) the seamless title that seems as if it has nothing to do with the written work, is just a prime example of my lack of ability to write on any subject at any time, nice.

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