Terror Loops

The last two Anime I’ve watched were literally both a 5 outta 10 (Grammar?), max. Which sucked too because I really self-hyped up the most recent of the two that I watched, and I feel like all of the expectation I had for this anime may or may not have affected my final verdict on it.

The Anime cycle

I would assume for the most part everyone has their different ways for going about anime watching. Some I know only watch an anime when the show itself reaches the-this is a popular & also cool anime that everyone and their cat watches-mark, for example shows like Attack on Titan, Seven Deadly, One Punch, etc. There are those who are basically open to give any anime a try so long as it’s referred to by a trusted source E.g.

Friend 1: Honestly bro I didn’t even like anime until I started watching something worthwhile like Attack on Titan, have you seen Aaron!?

You: *Fighting the urge to abruptly suggest anime you know think are better *yea I actually haven’t started season three yet, but the first season was a solid C+.

Friend 1: So you’re saying it was bad??

You: No, not bad, just lacking in many qualities that I can find in a plethora of other lesser known anime of the same episode length.

Friend 1: Yea whatever

Friend 2: And what would those “other” anime be for example?

And then you have those who watch any and every single anime that comes their way, whether it’s the most recent popping Shoujo anime or a harem, can’t knock it till ya try it right?

I’d say I’m a little bit mix of all three. When it comes to choosing which anime is up next to watch once I’ve finished the current one I refer back to “the list”. The list as I call it is compromised of anime I’ve found over the years that I’ve deemed worth watching one day, I haven’t counted how many shows I actually have on it given that the only time where the list shortens is when I complete a whole series without adding more to the list during that time frame, other than that the list is constantly growing. Some shows have been on there since I was legit 16, others have barely sat on the list for less than a year and have already gotten watched. To someone like me, anime is timeless so saving a beloved series for years or even longer is no problem, the gratification I’ll get from finally starting the show after years of knowing and pondering on it’s existence will leave me contempt as always.

But anyway, when choosing the next in line I take a few things into account, first of which is the length of said show. At all times I am indulged in four series at once, ( may sound like a lot but I’ve actually scaled it up from two to four in the past year, I feel it works a lot better and without flooding me in too many shows) with two of em being your normal 11-25 episoders  and the other two are the big boys with a 100 episodes plus. Also, I won’t start a series if it is not finished. Waiting on the next episode is in the past where it belongs. There are a few other insignificant things that affect what I watch next such as Genre mood, (What genre am I in the mood for this time around) expectations for an anime I’ve been sitting on for a while, suggested anime by friends that happen to be on the list already, (This happens quite frequently) etc.

Zankyou no Terror

Enough with the list and back to the main point of all of this. Terror in Resonance happens to be the last anime I’ve watched, it was also one of those shows that I looked forward to watching as soon as I slapped it on thy list. I placed it on there sometime last year in 18′, after one quick bio read and animation check, the show was qualified for list placement. Either the Synopsis was made deceivingly well or I’m just a sucker for any anime having to do with the terrorism plotline , most likely both, because this one did not live up to expectations whatsoever and it shows.

 Terror got so close to being a “worthwhile” anime but just fell off so hard when it came to actual development. The characters are all half-baked, the back story to all of this tried too hard to be interesting, little to none of the “why” for character’s logic are explained, which left me fumbling up a reason as to why they are doing what they’re doing, I could go on and on about why Terror left a bad taste, but this is no review, so I digress.

Zankyou no Terror is no Higashi no Eden by any means. No, I didn’t expect this random one season series to mimic Eden’s characteristics and plot line(s) just because both of their summaries place high emphasis on the terrorist topic, but I did expect greatness. And that’s exactly where I went wrong. I probably would of enjoyed Terror a lot more if I didn’t insist on it being an 8/10 and no lower, seriously, ranked #352 on MAL, who’s ranking these?!

Zankyou no Terror isn’t the only show I’ve swept off the list only to be disappointed 12 or so episodes in, it’s just the most recent. What pushed me to really write about the disappointment was overseeing a phrase while skimming through the reviews of Higashi no Eden (an Anime I watched during 16′) it went something like “I was also looking for more anime with a theme similar to Zankyou no Terror” which explains my reasoning behind comparing the show to Eden above, in hopes that the very being who pushed me over the edge to write these thousand or so words sees this.

Zankyou no Terror is far from Higashi no Eden.


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    1. Yea or it could just be the high standards I hold an anime of similar genre to Death Note to, it wasn’t a terrible 11 episodes but I don’t miss it, let’s just say that.

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