21 Thoughts on 21 Topics: Prelude

For the month of June (& Maybe July if I slack enough) I have decided to indulge in a series of 21 blog post. In spite of my amount of laps around the sun reaching a whopping 2-1 real soon, I’m determined to turn the number 21 into something other than legality.

I wanted to take on two projects this month, both having to relate to my coming of 21 years. The first project I’m beginning to work on involves my film & editing career, (Not a career, just a hobby, but you know what they say) I decided on producing a “21 years documentary type of thing” which definitely throws me out of my comfort zone when it comes to my style of video creation. Which is perfect, because what’s a project without a little confusion? The second task I’m venturing into is the one in which you’re reading. It’s exactly what it sounds like. 21 thoughts on 21 topics, I was honestly debating on Proceeding with “21 things I’ve learned in 21 years but with a quick glimpse into past thought, I quickly realized that I haven’t learned sh*t. I mean, I have learned a plethora of things but not enough yet, or hopefully ever. I’m only a quarter into this lifespan so I’ll save that one for when I’m 10-20 years older, then see what happens.

What are the topics’ significance you ask? Well, nothing really. These aren’t topics that I’ve just been dying to write about year after year, nor are they first thoughts. Each and every single entry to this series has a strong opinion attached to it. Whether that topic be something surreal as death or something as trivial as The YouTube platform, I want to get my thoughts down on paper (screen) and determine what I actually think of these areas.

Some entries will be shorter, some probably as long as my Terror Post, who knows. It’s not that some of these are less interesting to me, because of all topics in the world I chose these 21 for a reason, but I feel that some things make a lot more sense with minimal but clear explanation, ya know? Also, as much as I would love to contribute to the daily blogger society and ship these out consecutively 21 days in a row, I already know myself well too much to make such a prose. Sure, some might pop up two days in a row but dont count on it. I’m planning on dropping one every other day (yes, even that’s a huge step for me *deep breaths*) so yea, this will inevitably end up being a June/July project, but this is my first time ever being this dedicated to my blog so give me a break.

Of course this is just the unneeded introduction explaining my future plans, entry #1 should show up by the third, as for the reveal of these said topics, you’ll just have to wait day by day as I unveil one at a time. Thanks for taking the time to read of one’s subjective-ness, and I hope to see you tag along for the journey ahead.


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