21 Thoughts on 21 Topics: Goodbyes

Goodbye, see ya, farewell, later.

I probably don’t hold goodbyes to the standard I should. When saying that final farewell I always feel as though its unreal and I treat it as if we’ll meet again someday soon and not in the distant future. Most goodbyes feel temporary, a lot are, but when they’re not it takes me a while to realize what just happened, who/what I have lost.

It’s weird how unexpectedly fast the bond you had with someone can be severed, with the last words between you two being a statement of closure. You both know very well the condition of the situation but “goodbye” is still the go-to final phrase. My experiences using goodbyes are limited, a lot of the time the actual “goodbye” is never said and next thing I know I wake up the next day with another past face in my memories.

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