21 Thoughts on 21 Topics: Life

I know for a fact that I haven’t lived long enough to fully express my ever-changing thoughts on this topic, but I would love to see how my perspective on life has changed (or stayed stagnant) 20 or so years down the road.

Life, existence, reality, or whichever noun alternative you wanna give whatever “this” is, is crazy. But we all know that already so let me skip all of the “Life’s a trip” talk and reveal my truthful & honest thoughts about the topic.

“Life is cool, but if things continue on the way they have been for my first couple of decades, then I honestly would rather not exist”

let me elaborate. I’m sure my proclamation of not wanting to exist completely distracted you from the fact that I have no Ill-will towards life. I’m far from suicidal, (not putting anything or anyone down) but nowhere near “Pro-life”, is there an in-between, idk, maybe. let’s just say if entering this world from the beginning was a choice then I’d opt-out, but I’m here and have been for 20sum years and don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon so best believe I will make the best of my time here.

About a month ago I came across this philosophical (by my standards) post by one of my favorite daily blog sites, Pointless Overthinking, It was titled “Life is good, but.” Throughout the post Pointless went about justifying what makes a good life different than a bad life is indeed all perspective, a statement that I have agreed with ever since I can remember discovering that happiness is not an emotion but a state of mind. One two-sentence excerpt from the article that caught my eye was “If we think about life itself, is neither good nor bad. Life is a series of events.” That is honestly beautiful (yea we probably have two different definitions of beautiful). I’d go on stealing meaningful quotes from this reflective post but I suggest you give it a read, It’s definitely not “pointless.”

Quote rambling aside, I needed to introduce the fundamentals of life being a series of events that we characterize with either being good or bad, tragic or magnificent. From the sound of that, it seems as if going through life neutral is the way to win, but let’s face it, no one does that, and that’s exactly where the problem arises. As soon as you label one of the many events in your life as “good” then that very idea that things can be good gives birth to the possibility of things also being bad, because come on now, not everything is wonderful. There can’t be one without the other for, a world without light wouldn’t be livable, & a world with just peace would be a dream.

I feel as though life has so much to offer, from vigorous journeys to breath-taking views, profound experiences that can’t be recreated, late nights with loved ones and those faces that have been in your life for more days than you can count, endless conversations, sunset/rise watching, Acid trips (I had to) and much much more that I can’t even fathom for the given fact that I’m only a quarter into this lifeline and know that things get better with time.

With that said, I absolutely love the good times, who doesn’t, but those glorified cross-country road trips come at a cost of course. That cost being-and I have already stated this in my post “Getting there“-years of hard work, dedication, unwanted time consumption, and a few other things I’m not too familiar with. I’m not oblivious to the fact that you have to endure to earn the good times in life, nothing comes easy, so endured I have and the moments show. The more I experience, the more I do not want to pay that “cost” of having these experiences, those moments of pure bliss & uplift I described above are the times I live this life for, but unfortunately the cost is too high.

The bad times don’t last and the good times don’t last.

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