21 Thoughts on 21 Topics: LSD

I love Acid.

Not that type of love where I can’t live without it, but that type of love that grows stronger and stronger the less I use it. Which is a shame because at the end of the day it’s still a drug, it being one of the safer ones out there doesn’t change that, but I couldn’t care less.

The year I found out of the existence of LSD I was still in the teen days, Probably around 15, 16. I would endlessly search the internet for hours learning all that I could about the psychedelic. Without ever having a means of actually acquiring Acid at such a young age, Browsing the web was the closest I could get to popping a tab, not that I would of if I even had the chance. I’m not gonna say I was scared of trying Acid but I was scared of trying Acid. I came across the plentiful amount of stories that came with researching the drug, from someone’s friend tripping out so hard they thought they were an orange to those who never came back from the trip, it all sounded less than blissful & euphoric-like. That’s not what distraught me the most though, what really put me off from trying Lucy (besides the lack of a means to get it) was that daunting time-span of a trip. 12-14 hours, really!?

At this point in time, the most I’ve indulged in was cannabis like every other teenage delinquent, being high off weed for 45 minutes to an hour was just another day, but an 8 to 14 hour trip is a whole different story. Or at least at the time it was.

~Time Skip~

Sadly I’m not one of those folks who claim that one drop of Acid will change your life forever, a drug’s a drug, I see nothing spiritual about it, Mushrooms are a lot more divine if ya ask me, but we’re not talking about Shrooms, so I digress. I say “sadly” because the whole “Acid changes you” quote was something I was kinda looking forward to whenever I did finally find a way to get my hands on the drug. It’s not that I necessarily wanted a personality change or whatever because I have and always will like myself, but I wanted to further investigate this claim, for, I feel as if something so drastic as a “change” happening from just one tab indulge was more than far-fetched. And I was right.

Everyone that I know and all the internet stories I’ve come across all seem to agree with the quote, I’m one of the few who don’t. Maybe I’m missing something? Maybe They’re all just overthinking it? I think everyone who has tried LSD just correlates the passage of time with an Acid trip. What I mean by that is we’re constantly changing with time, (obviously) you popping that tab and going through the loops & ego death(s) just gives you a realization, I can’t see the actual drug changing you, the change has already happened.

With that being said Acid did change something in my life, that’s for sure. that “something” being Marijuana. I already went way in-depth on this in my post Traced, so I won’t repeat myself too much, but Acid has completely changed the effects of bud for me and I think its profound. Every time I smoke, no matter the amount, I trip. The way I always describe it in my head is “this is a mini Acid trip.” Yeah yeah sounds bonkers, tripping every time you smoke?! I know what you’re thinking, but you gotta remember the first three words of this post. Having a heavily scaled down version of an Acid trip all condensed down to 45-60 minutes TOPS is nothing short of ecstasy. It also has allowed me to greatly cut down on my bud usage for reason being I get “too high” now, which never happened before. All in all, LSD has positively altered the way I see and use cannabis & I love it.

I don’t know if Acid will be apart of my life forever, I definitely hope so, but if its not, then kudos! I’ve had my fun with it, (fun is an understatement) it’s not something I go looking for. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had my phase where I abused LSD, also mentioned in my Traced post, basically slapping a tab on my tongue multiple times a week. At that point, I essentially defeated the purpose of LSD. “It’s been three days since I’ve popped a tab, that’s more than enough time for my brain to rest” was the mindset, I couldn’t be more wrong. I kept going back for more and more, I never wanted my trips to end, if I could get it and I wasn’t busy, then why not trip up? I loved Lucy, still do, only difference between the me now & the past me is appreciation and a little bit of fear. From what I could tell there was no long-lasting damage involved with my tab usage, other than the fact that my brain probably hates me for making it work out for 12 hours straight three times a week for months, but hey, I’ve learned.


I feel like I have so much more to say about this topic, a few hundred words can’t come close to explaining my vivid thoughts on LSD. From the crazy nights of being trapped in Hollywood lost while peaking to tripsitting first-time users, there’s too much I have left to disclose on this entry to the 21 topics series. I may or may not do a pt2 to this one as sorta like a bonus submission. Who knows.

5 thoughts on “21 Thoughts on 21 Topics: LSD

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  1. As someone who wants to try LSD, going through article after article just saying how terrifying it is and how bad it can is quite scary and discouraging, and so this post was a very welcome change. I really liked how you talked about it as just what it is and nothing more.
    Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Definitely, nothing but authenticity here, especially when it comes to such a favored topic. I can’t say LSD is for everyone but if you’re interested in it then that is more then enough reason to try it at least once in my opinion and decide from there on if it’s your type of “thing”. Nonetheless I don’t discourage anyone from trying acid, just know what you’re in for and have fun, plain & simple. Hope your first trip is pleasant, whenever that may be Arshia!

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