Duct Days

The Duct Days are over

Idk what it is, but a certain Hangout spot in my city has been on my mind lately. Could be the fact that I haven’t been there in so long, such a hiatus from a well known place can draw in memories. Or it could be because of the constant influx of sunset pictures on my Twitter timeline from the very spot, posted by an old classmate, reminding me of it’s existence. Seems he too carries some type of warmth for the place, his recent picture spam proves that. Whatever it is, it needs to stop because

The Duct Days are over

Like a few years back, 2017 to be specific was the year I found out my city had an Aqua Duct, (how un-geography of me, I know) but prior to that year I was residing in Sin city, Nevada for about two years, and prior to those years I was just a youngin, so exploring the city was far out of reach. I don’t remember exactly when my first venture to the Aqua Duct was but ever since then I’ve been there countless times. To kick it, to hang, to drink, (yikes) to capture photos, the list goes on. I guess during my disappearance to Vegas the “Aqua Duct” became the new cool spot to hang and capture moments in my desolate city, I was gone during the years in which pre-adulthood transpires after all. Back when having a car was a special commodity amongst you and your piers, that was a memorable time, definitely. In the grand scheme of things this doesn’t seem too long ago for a 21-year old like me, but time says different

IMG_20170618_112022_331The Duct Days are over

Which leads me to my next point. Those days, I’d say from the year 17′ to 18′ my health had to be at it’s worst state ever in my so far adult life. Although I’m not one to blog about health so I’ll make this part short. Coincidentally 2017 was the year I moved out, kinda. Away from the mother and siblings for the first time ever, I thought my body was invincible, I’d put anything in it, I still kinda do only difference now is that I control it. Anyway, to sum it up, I’ve never mentally & psychically been better, only thing I miss from that time in my life was the money, but that comes with Constant Motion after all

The Duct Days are over

I would consider that point a low point in my life for reason being I still had my habits of making bad decisions, which include plain impractical usage of my decaying time on earth, (I still kinda do this but it was literally out of hand during that time-frame) spending my limited money on happy fuel and slowly acquiring debt before my traced eyes even noticed. Honestly I couldn’t tell you if I was truly happy then, if I were to see my past self in motion I would more than likely see happiness in him, but that’s just from an outside perspective. I believe I was trying to trick myself into thinking I was happy. Working a job I absolutely loathe, I mean money’s cool and needed n all but what’s it really matter when you spend tons of it on drugs, bills and fast food, actually I love fast food, but you get what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, many of the purchases I made back then contribute to my happiness now, but the true reality of it is I was just wasting time, money and lots of energy.

Which brings me to the question, why are the Duct Days on my mind? Arguable one of the worst points in my life that I had control over, and yet I still cherish memories from that time period. Maybe it’s normal that I feel this way, I have accepted my past screw ups, moved on, and now its nothing but benevolence that comes along with the memories.

I’ve made it an essential part of my life to reside in the moment for the most part and not dwell on past detail nor the impending future. Of course at times I can’t help but think about my past life or the life I envision for my later self, I know this won’t help me in the long run though so I stray away from too much of this. Focusing on the me now is the only way I’ll win this race it seems.20170317_225129

It truly surprises me how I can create a whole blog post specifically about a location in a city and not describe that location whatsoever. Then again I guess the post was more about the feelings I carried that came along with this precise spot and not the spot its self. I should visit the Duct again soon, even if I have been there a plethora of times, that joint just doesn’t get old.

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    1. I see, maybe I’m just caught up in not wanting to let the teen years go, I’ve only recently escaped them after all. I constantly do forget that I’m still technically at the “beginning” of this lifeline.

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