21 Thoughts on 21 Topics: New Faces

Kind of a continuation from my post New Faces, and by “new faces” I’m talking about those new friends everyone runs into at some point(s) through life. Your best friend at the moment was a new face at some point, and if ya wanna take it a step further at some point your best friend was an unknown face, a face that couldn’t even be visualized for the very reason that he/she did not exist in your universe, yet. It’s kind of hard for me to imagine life without the current faces that surround me, for I have come to know these faces for years upon years, that’s why I find it strange to think about how there was once a time where I was invested in a group of totally different people. Now those people are either associates or past faces, there’s no in-between.2493c27a-2ba8-4542-bfc4-6616a4e2813f

But this post is about New faces, not current ones, so I digress.

I’m not one to make friends much, or at all, I could go all four seasons without coming into contact with someone I’d like to keep in my life. That is for a variety of reasons, from my reserved tendencies to just being satisfied with the friends I have now, I don’t see a reason to try n go out and force myself to make friends when I already have some, ya know, new guys & gals are always welcomed, I’m just not searching. That reminds me of a splendid quote said by a friend of mine on the topic of making college friends, it went something like “Why would I need to make new friends, I have enough of those already, and good ones at that.” That resonated with me. I know from reading it it sounds like J’s (friend) just a stubborn bastard that doesn’t want to be surrounded by new people, (could be true) but with regards to where we’re at in life, his words couldn’t speak more truth.

With that said, I actually enjoy meeting new people, even if my text make it sound like I reject every potential friendship that happens to come my way. The reality of it is I just don’t put my self in many positions to create new bonds with new people, but if/when it happens, it happens and I usually appreciate those new faces that stick around.

A constant thought that crosses my mind occasionally when in my headspace is me asking myself who my newest friend is at the moment. Sounds silly, I know, but I actually do ponder on this concept a lot. Which is kinda why I’m up at 6am writing this entry to the 21 series. After a quick consideration I came to a conclusion who indeed the newest face in my life was. Who it is doesn’t matter here, but the time frame in which I met her does. Which was about a full month ago I’d say, definitely no more than a month and a half, and the newest face before that? Uhh I believe I met bro either earlier this year or late last year, don’t blame me for getting these dates slightly or very wrong, faces come and go, time is a real thing.

I wonder what my relationship with these once new faces will be in a year or two from now. Will they become apart of the group of people I consider current faces, turn into associates who once were friends, or fade away with the past. Who knows.

As I go through this life I realize that new faces turn into past faces within due time, without ever using the word “goodbye” to confirm their departure. I was once told that people are put in your life for reasons and once those reasons are fulfilled you two go your separate ways and continue about your journeys, ready to embark upon the next individual you may encounter. Whether that is true or not is beyond me, but I like to keep that concept close because I kinda like it. It provides me with an explanation as to why some simply just disappear from your life overnight. Their task in your life is accomplished and so is yours in theirs. On to the next.

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