On the Road to Riches

My head’s been stuck on loop regarding a conversation that occurred between a few friends and I the other day. Thinking back at it now, it wasn’t even really a “conversation,” more of a rant on A’s part and the rest of us were just listening and chiming in every now&then to elaborate on his words spoken.

The words he spoke were just the truths of reality-things we all inevitably know will happen but choose to overlook due to the velocity of time-He went on about how it sucks that bonds have to be separated in order for us to keep moving forward in life. All true stuff.

This conversation/rant came about quite randomly, in fact that’s part of the reason why I’m still stuck on it. After a birthday dinner for my friend J at Buffalo Wild Wings concluded we found ourselves in the parking lot all situated in A’s sedan, listening to his latest vocals he recorded this morning. Him being in the music industry and has been for awhile, this is a pretty normal setting for us, he shows us his latest track, we smoke, converse, and he rants. It’s quite the normal ordeal, except this time the topic he chose to go on about wasn’t as pointless as the rest of em. (Sorry A)

Hearing this kid speak what he had to say on the topic of separation was kinda bright & sensational in a way. I never expected those words to come out of his mouth if I’m being honest, I never thought that anyone in my immediate friends group ever anticipated the outcome of us not being in each other’s life, till now.

“And later on in life we’ll come across each other one day in the streets and be like ‘Ayee!’

This just gives me even more incentive to become concision of the moment at hand. One of these days I won’t even reside in the same city as the three faces mentioned in this story. They’ll probably never be as close as they are to me right now again, speaking distance wise of course. No, they won’t become past faces, they’ll become checkpoints in life. From the day we part ways till the day we meet again nothing will be forgotten, we’ll still talk for hours on end as if some odd number of years hasn’t gone by. As for now though that day has yet to come, so I’m sulking in the moment.

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  1. This experience of being together with dear friends knowing that the course of life will inevitably move you all apart is beautifully expressed. Thank you Rushi… I have been through this so many times and appreciated your sharing your sense of how life brings us together and in turn pulls us apart…

    how ironic
    coming to love
    this life and world
    And at the same time
    letting it all go

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  2. Indeed it is quite a bizarre experience but in turn, a comforting one knowing that you and your dear friends are on the same page. As long as we can distinguish that our time now together won’t last forever we can fully live in the moment and enjoy what time we have left with friends.
    Thank you Tom, I’m glad you enjoyed my excerpt on moving apart from those dearest to you and glad to know I’m not the only one who’s experienced such.


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