21 Thoughts on 21 Topics: Halloween

Ahh, my all-time least favorite holiday arises from the depths of time once again. Being as it is around the corner (tonight of writing this) I thought I’d make the next 21 Topics series on the infamous Holiday that seems to last a month.

Honestly, I can’t seem to find the same enjoyment that everyone else seems to have correlated with this day. Sure as a kid it was a whole time of fun, from finding the perfect costume that year to adding up how much candy you’ll rack in this time around. I have only jubilant memories associated with this Holiday, I don’t dislike it due to past trauma or anything like that, I just (and I hate saying this phrase no matter the reason) grew out of it.

I wouldn’t say Halloween has an age limit determining rather or not you can celebrate it, for there are plenty of different roles on this day, which I really like about it. You can bring out your kid self and trick or treat with all the other youngsters, you can pass out candy to said youngsters, or you can even be the host of some spooky haunted house. Nothing but options, although if I ever were to celebrate Halloween once again the first of these three options is completely out of the question for me. Not even just because I found that I’ve outgrown this one but mainly for the fact that it’s simply just boring, and poor use of my time during this day.

I believe the last time I took part in this holiday the way it was intended to be (Trick or Treating) was quite a few years back, probably at age 14 or 13, I can’t remember which one exactly, it actually has been a while. During the years leading up to my last I started slowly losing interest in the whole cycle of buying a costume, waiting till the final day of the month just to strut it around my neighborhood, spewing “TRICK OR TREAT!” Over 50 times, collecting candy I didn’t even like, and then waiting 365 days till the next cycle began anew. It was all good times & memories as a young one but like I said, it’s just not my cup of tea anymore and hasn’t been for quite some time now.

Now that just leaves the two other options, I must at least take part in candy passing or Haunted house setups right?? Nope. Honestly, the thought of candy passing during Halloween for the years to come sounds a lot more enjoyable than the ladder, don’t know if that’s enough to peruse me back into the cycle of Halloween though. One of these years I just might take part in a haunted house, probably not soon but in due time, I just don’t care nor enjoy it enough at the moment.

The holiday Halloween is always associated with a blur for me, for reason being I never do anything special, but I kinda wanna change that now. My last Halloween I met some new faces and spent my spooky Wednesday night with them, good times indeed. Prior to that year is where the word “blur” comes into play. As for my change in pace for this ominous holiday, I’ve decided (just now actually) that since I already don’t celebrate it with passion or the intended way it was supposed to be I’m going to incorporate my own set of guidelines into the holiday. With an absolute end goal of traveling across the globe, high & low, I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this sooner.

From now on I will be spending each and every Halloween traveling. Nothing big, like I said the end goal is to navigate “high & low” at the moment the highs are out of reach so why not explore the lows in the meantime?

I’ve decided to hit one of the plentiful Coastal California cities spontaneously as my choice of travel point tonight. Why? I don’t know. What am I going to do out there? No clue, more than likely a brief Halloween photoshoot for the Gram or Twitter, capture some night clips of the city, (whichever one we decide of visiting) hit the beach if it’s not too cold, (highly unlikely) and probably get into some explicit activities, who knows. 

Here’s to today becoming the start of a new holiday-goal-inducing-tradition for me. Maybe one of these years I’ll become adventurous enough to visit a foreign city unaccompanied, but until then I’ll traverse with a friend or two. Those seem to help with the laughs and downtime.

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