I find it weird that I was born during a time in which I know nothing about, “the 90’s” seem so distant from now.

Although I’m often referred to as “young” I feel as though I have been on this earth for quite sometime now despite the fact I have no recollection of said 90’s. what even happened during that time period around me? I’ll never know. My mom and older siblings seem to have vivid memory of their past during the 90’s deacde, something I am very envious of em for but probably will never admit.

I myself was born closer to the year 2000 than 1990 so I guess It’s evident that I remember nothing about my life in the 90’s, if you can even call it a “life” considering my max age was two. It’s such a huge disconnect being born in a city in which you know nothing about, nor can recollect. I now reside about an hour/half away from my birth place and my current location feels more like my birth place than that city ever will, but I’m sure it goes like that for most youngins who’s parents moved location so soon after birth.

What I am trying to get at is the fact that I don’t feel like I was born in the “90’s,” weird flex, I know. I wouldn’t consider it a flex necessarily though, maily for reason being I feel as though I missed out. I missed out on an era I was supposed to be apart of, whenever I hear my brother & sister speak on our past (>1999) I get to bask in the projection of a different perspective that I never got to experience, I love it. They draw me closer to those lost years I was born in but cannont recollect.

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