Post-2021 (Whosrushi)

Honestly with this most recent scattered hiatus I’ve frequently asked myself if I am even the same Rushi who started this blog in the first place. I feel as though the name of my blog gains more and more meaning as time passes, in a sense I created the blog to discover who is Rushi, me of course, but who actually knows their self? Stop and think about that one real quick.

Nonetheless I mention my timeless blogging name for reason being I don’t think this blog will ever accomplish what it was created for. Discovering yourself is a lifelong journey, something of which I had no clue of when typing up this all new persona of mine. I truthfully thought once I hit a certain amount of blog post and gained a decent audience I would then have successfully completed the task of disclosing who this Rushi truly is.

Up until recently I thought that the more I posted, the more words I wrote then the more I’d unveil myself, to myself. In a sense that’s exactly how it works but then I stopped writing and really just disconnected with my blog as a whole, most of the time during my hiatuses away from posting I’m still lurking in the shadows of WordPress, peeping my favorite blogger’s post everyday still and from time to time discovering new bloggers that suit my reading style. This most recent break (If you can even call it that) away from the blog was nothing like that, I’ve honestly barely touched this site since my last two post went up.

I’ve been wanting to write about my enlightened ventures throughout the year 2021 but just haven’t been able to, trust me I think about this blog and Rushi every single day pretty much but to put things bluntly the only thing stopping me from posting adequately is my blog name. I find it crazy how I know myself better than anyone else on this planet and yet five years after this site was created I am still trying to find out Who’sRushi.

Unfortunately blogging endlessly is not the most effective way to go about that mission of mine, which is why I’ve been away and post slowed down tremendously. I’m searching for something and I feel that Im closer than ever to finding that “Something” I’m looking for. I’ve really just been living, working, and driving as of lately, lots and LOTS of driving actually. My life got really busy out of nowhere, I wish I took my own post seriously, otherwise I could’ve predicted this intensive responisbility taking over my now adult life in a moment’s glance after 2019.

Anyway, I guess this post really has nothing to do with nothing, no end of the year 2021 wrap up, or top 5 2022 goals, none of that, Just thought & explanation regarding myself, my name & blog tag. I’ll probably cook up a proper first post of the year in my traditional blogging style sometime in Feb (beacuse I’m lazy still) without breaking the 4th wall and calling out to myself in third person every sentence, but for now this is what ya get, all 5 of you who like my post that is.

I know this post probably sounds like the end-all-be-all post from Who’srushi but really it’s far from that. Just think of this blog entry as an everlasting explanation for all my absences. I haven’t forgotten about my persona here, just need to reevaluate some things.

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