I remember when I was little all I used to want was a "spinny chair", now I have a desk chair conveniently in my room next to my bed. I remember back when I first started driving all I wanted was a car newer than the year 2000, now I have an 07' and a... Continue Reading →

A Contradiction

I find it insane how residing in the moment is the only way to shield one's self from the self-destructive thoughts the mind can feed us. Not to say that existing in this very moment is a complex challenge, it's actually an easy act just turning off your mind, but those moments where I slip... Continue Reading →


Last night after debating on whether I want to post an exquisite piece or not and inevitably leaning towards the "not" end of the stick, I come to a realization that I still have yet to contribute to the on-going phenomena in article writing that are List post. As an unaffiliated blogger, it is my duty, no,... Continue Reading →

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