A Contradiction

I find it insane how residing in the moment is the only way to shield one's self from the self-destructive thoughts the mind can feed us. Not to say that existing in this very moment is a complex challenge, it's actually an easy act just turning off your mind, but those moments where I slip... Continue Reading →

Still Getting There

How is it that all of my past few days (weeks) have felt so painfully stagnant yet I feel that so much in my life is drastically changing. So much has happened since 2017, as I'm sure has for every conscious being on this moving rock, change is inevitable and constant, I really appreciate the... Continue Reading →

Life’s a b***h, and then ya die.

I've asked a few people what are the most meaningful aspects of life in their book. "People," being a few friends, some peers, and also a couple strangers. For reason being, I recently had to ask myself this very same question (In order to obtain some much-needed identity answers), but unlike any other "at that moment" question... Continue Reading →

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