Life Events, And Where I’ve Been

Its kinda crazy how drastically life can change in an instant, 365 days to be exact. I’m a whole different person living a whole different life than I was three hundred sixty-five days ago, Its kinda mind-boggling how quick it all happens. This past year 19′ has been a time, that’s forsure. I’ve learned plenty... Continue Reading →

Duct Days

The Duct Days are over Idk what it is, but a certain Hangout spot in my city has been on my mind lately. Could be the fact that I haven't been there in so long, such a hiatus from a well known place can draw in memories. Or it could be because of the constant... Continue Reading →

21 Thoughts on 21 Topics: Goodbyes

Goodbye, see ya, farewell, later. I probably don't hold goodbyes to the standard I should. When saying that final farewell I always feel as though its unreal and I treat it as if we'll meet again someday soon and not in the distant future. Most goodbyes feel temporary, a lot are, but when they're not... Continue Reading →


I have yet to encounter a passage online of someone describing they're everyday life with HPPD & how they feel about the disorder. Honestly, there may be a few reddit forms out there that I haven't seen but surely not flowing with the amount of Depth that I seek. So I Rushi III (I'm not the third,... Continue Reading →

Save yourself

Save yourself the time of reading this (if you'd like) it's just another sob story about the reality that life is. These cold nights always remind me of the past, not like an "omg last Christmas was so fun" type of past, but more of a "I'm so glad it's over" type of thing. I'm... Continue Reading →

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