Past, Death, & Reality

Honestly the only thing fully holding me back from becoming “one with the moment” and believing that the past truly does not exist (anymore) is the reality of death. I refuse to accept that my friends just don’t exist anymore due to them being apart of the past. Apparently the past is nothing more than... Continue Reading →


My stay in Nevada was such a different time compared to now, different friends, different rules, different environment, and just a different life as a whole. As much as I dreaded the mental aspects of my life out there in the state of Nevada I appreciate the experiences I had, the experience of living in... Continue Reading →

Still Getting There

How is it that all of my past few days (weeks) have felt so painfully stagnant yet I feel that so much in my life is drastically changing. So much has happened since 2017, as I'm sure has for every conscious being on this moving rock, change is inevitable and constant, I really appreciate the... Continue Reading →


Ive been kinda bored when It comes to the recent splurge in terrible/mediocre single player games that have been releasing lately, and by "lately I pretty much mean the past couple years, like honestly the last "great" story driven game Ive played goes by Bioshock Infinite, Im sure you know of It, and that legit... Continue Reading →

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