Life Events, And Where I’ve Been

Its kinda crazy how drastically life can change in an instant, 365 days to be exact. I’m a whole different person living a whole different life than I was three hundred sixty-five days ago, Its kinda mind-boggling how quick it all happens. This past year 19′ has been a time, that’s forsure. I’ve learned plenty... Continue Reading →


Last night after debating on whether I want to post an exquisite piece or not and inevitably leaning towards the "not" end of the stick, I come to a realization that I still have yet to contribute to the on-going phenomena in article writing that are List post. As an unaffiliated blogger, it is my duty, no,... Continue Reading →

Topic: Blue

Its times like these where I wished I prepped up a writing topic over the weekend to then quickly establish and put down to paper, (well, the screen I guess) Ya know like a rough draft sorta ordeal, except without the actual "draft" just a good well thought out topic I can release my emotions and notions... Continue Reading →

Power, Time, and Happiness

The three things we're all unconsciously seeking in order to secure meaning in one's vitality. The upcoming of this post came from a cognitive blog post by Natalie Swift. Without spoiling her post (Is it even possible to spoil a blog?) she illustrates our diction for imbalance (power) to a point where it seems as... Continue Reading →

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