When the end comes, Ill be ready. End of what you may ask? This life I guess, now this Isnt some rant about how Im ready to die and life’s worthless “this & that”, but more of just my thoughts as I get closer and closer to closure.

Im nowhere close to “the end” or at least I hope Im not, I cant tell the future of course, but Im still young and have a whole story ahead of me.

  1. Personas: The amount of personas Ive created is unfathomable, most of them being through (Social) Media, and a lot of them being unintentional. What I mean by this are the names Ive given to myself and the stories that I have attached the names to. For example “Whosrushi” Is and Isnt me, obviously I am the person who calls thou self Whosrushi, but I created the persona Rushi to mask ones self identity I guess you can say, yea yea yea no one cares who you are, trust me I know, but thats not the point, the reason why I say Im not Rushi Is because, well, Im not. Rushi Is a creation, an extent of my mental being you can say, Rushi doesnt have to be “me”, it/she/he can be multiple people If I so please, anyone who types on this page can be entitled as Rushi, Rushi can be your next door neighbor for all you know. I can go on and on about the many personas Ive forged for myself, but thats not what this post is about, that was just one interesting reflection I thought I would share with you guys before the end.
  2. Happiness: I know this Is obvious but for such a hot topic I have to make this clear that this is MY outlook on happiness, this isnt me gathering numbers and data charts trying to make you comply with my beliefs, simply me stating what goes on. I myself would consider me a pretty joyful person, even In some pretty distress times. Like last week when I lost It all, “all” being my wallet and my phone (lost them between a two day interval). Yea I know these items mean little to nothing to a lot of you out there, and It kinda did to me at the time also, what ignited me was losing my wallet the same day my replacement phone came in (long uninteresting story). Being phoneless for two days was nothing, a friend let me borrow his old one and I went about my days, but losing multiple cards, and a license two days after losing the cell hit me a little harder. Honestly I could of let losing both of these mildly expensive items get the best of me, such as people do when the only one to blame for the lost item(s) are theirselves, but instead I realized my mistakes and continued, Its nothing. Im stating this here because Im too scared to put it anywhere else, I dont care, what makes you happy is you. Of course surrounding faces may seem to dabble with that phrase and what not but when It comes down to It, At the end who Is the only one you can actually “let” change your mind or how you’re feeling one day, you.
  3. The creation of a saga: Yea long unnecessary phrase just for a short paragraph, I wanted to end It short & sweet ya know? I feel like one of, If not the most important qualities of life are the bonds you build with the people you meet, whether Its someone you haven’t seen since middle school or that close friend that doesn’t give you any space to breathe, either way at some point your stories’ weren’t intertwined and now they are fused together overlapping one another, or probably reaching Its final chapter since “nothing last forever”, not even the strongest of friendships. All of those “past friends” are now forgotten stories that we cherished when we had em, no hard feelings of course, It was fun while It lasted but time to move on to the next iteration, cant wait for time.

With that said, I’ll maintain all my personas, live my days as happy as ever, and continue to create & prolong “our” sagas, till end.

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